About Our Company

Glorious Electronics was set up over 50 years ago and is located at Lamington Road, Mumbai the heart of Electronics Market with founder vision to supply genuine quality & reliable electronics components.

We are also Specialist in hard to find Electronics Components (Obsolete Components)

Glorious Electronics, the emphasis is mainly on quality and service. Its satisfied customers, encourages it to keep adding newer component & newer range of products to match the latest design & applications, to meet the needs from one single source.

We have become the leading distributor of electronic components by sustaining a competitive advantage through our reliability, total quality commitment and our ongoing efforts to exceed customer expectations. As a testament to our success,

We have an 80% return customer rate over 20 years span that we feel is a direct reflection of our commitment to quality, on-time delivery and customer service. Overall we understand that you need more than a supplier, you need a strategic partner in your supply chain, so we strive to be that for you and more.

Glorious Electronics is an Independent Distributors and offers complete basket of Industrial electronics components like Ferrite Cores & Bobbins, Electrolytic Capacitors, IGBT Snubber, ceramic, Polyster, metalized, IGBTs, Thyristors, GTOs, bridge rectifiers, SCR, ICs, Driver ICs, Timer ICs, Mosfets, Transistors, Diodes, Relays, Resistors  Instrument Cooling Fans any many more.

Glorious Electronics caters to different sectors like LED Drivers Industries, SMPS Manufactures, Choke & ballast Manufactures, UPS Manufactures, Inverter Wielding Machine Manufacturers, Induction Manufactures, AC Drives, Bio-Medical Electronics, Ultrasonic, Corona Treater, Avionics, Space research, Nuclear research, Audio/TV-Broadcast, Traction Converters etc.

We partner with you to provide the right information, application assistance, through our efficient team of knowledgeable and dedicated personnel.

Our cost effective solutions keeps you our customer / partner ahead in a tough and competitive market.

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